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My Experience With Crest White Strips Advanced Seal

Hello Beautiful People!

You've probably seen a million posts on Crest Advanced Seal White Strips before now throughout the blogging community but as I have finally finished my box, I thought I'd make it a million and one by adding my opinion into the mix.

Now, because I started using this product quite some time ago now, I do not have any before and after pictures to show you. Instead, here is what I was aiming for:

Just kidding... well.... no really...

Anyway, as I'm sure you're aware you cannot purchase Crest White Strips in the UK. Not in any store or pharmacy at least; I think this is due to the product containing hydrogen peroxide but I'm not certain so don't quote me on that. After much searching I finally picked up a box on ebay for between £20-25. I can't remember the exact amount or the seller but they arrived the next day! Quality service.

After reading the instructions carefully I unpeeled my first set of strips and adhered them to my teeth. Not the nicest feeling in the world I must admit and it took me a few uses to get used to the feeling.

What Crest Say

You have to leave the White Strips in place for 30 minutes and it is advised you do not apply to freshly brushed teeth.

As with all teeth whitening products, Crest White Strips may cause sensitivity.

You may notice temporary white patches on your teeth immediately after removal. They will fade after a few hours.

Crest inform you that you cannot use the White Strips for more than 14 consecutive days but I did not find this to be a problem as I will detail below.

My Experience

I found the process of applying the White Strips relatively easy. You simply peel them from the plastic backing, apply to the front of the teeth and fold the remainder over to secure on the back of the teeth. Once they're in place they are in place! Apparently they are so secure you can drink whilst wearing them but I did not test this theory out. Despite being securely adhered, they're not immensely difficult to remove though they do leave some residue which is removed by brushing your teeth.

After about three days, perhaps before, I noticed my teeth were looking whiter and brighter. Not drastically so (no Cowell gnashers) but after such a short space of time I wasn't expecting a massive difference.

However, I also noticed after three days that my teeth were very, very sensitive. I suffer with sensitive teeth anyway so I was prepared for some additional sensitivity, however after three days I was woken up in the middle of the night by quite a severe pain in my bottom teeth and decided I needed to give the product a break.

Even though I only used the product for three days, my teeth remained whiter for about 8-10 weeks. After this time I decided to try the product again to see if my teeth would react in the same way. Surely enough, after three days the sensitivity demanded I take a further break.

This is how my entire experience has been with the product. Whilst the pain isn't unbearable and I could have continued for longer, I was reluctant to do so in case the sensitivity did reach an unbearable level.

Let me just say, after speaking to a dentist I am assured this reaction is because my teeth are very sensitive anyway. Whilst many people will experience sensitivity with a whitening product, many will not. A friend of mine who has equally sensitive teeth also used the product and did not suffer with any additional sensitivity.

Having finished my last few White Strips I can say that thus far, I have not experienced any sensitivity issues so maybe I needed to persevere for longer.

R'n'R? (Repurchase and Recommend?)

Absolutely! Whilst my teeth were more sensitive, they are noticeably whiter now. I think I will try the 3D White Strips next time. As mentioned before, it is likely I would experience such sensitive with ANY whitening product so I am not putting it down to this product solely and I'm sure spending £25 to find out as opposed t £350 on a far more intense professional treatment would appeal to many people, myself included!

Have you tried White Strips? How was YOUR experience?


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